22 Mar

DCP161 scaremongering – What is ‘excess capacity’ all about?

Don't believe the hype

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23 Feb

Energy help, not energy hassle

Let us introduce ourselves

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29 Sep

Why don't people trust the energy industry?

Spoiler alert: They're untrustworthy

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22 Sep

What is a gas transporter 1 test (GT1 test)?

Do you need gas, but your meter is missing?

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13 Apr

What Is The Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA)?

Is your energy consultant a member of the UIA? Find out why they should be.

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11 Apr

Maximum Demand (kva) - Why Should You Be Interested?

On your bill there is a figure shown as 'Maximum demand'. What does this mean and why should you be interested?

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24 Mar

A Better Energy Deal For Pubs And Cafes

Pubs, restaurants and cafes are increasing seem as 'risky' to energy companies

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